Twenty-Six and Counting

11:29 AM

Twenty-Six and Counting

     I turned 26 this past October and while I am grateful for a lot of things in my life sometimes, and only sometimes, I cannot help but feel like I am missing a very important piece of information. Some idea or thought that will illuminate my path more efficiently. I feel at times that I am in a fog not knowing exactly where I am heading specifically and this feeling can last a mere second to a year. Finding yourself stuck in a rut so to speak.

  So I quit my job soon after my birthday and plummeted myself even more into the unknown. I was miserable, unhappy and unmotivated with where I was in life which was a place of discouragement. Quitting my job without having a backup plan may not have been the crowning glory of my mind's eye buuuuuuut I needed a push. Life seemed to stop pushing me so I decided to push back and take a humongous leap of faith in my ability to find myself again.

Fast forward, it is now January heading into February and I can say that I feel so rejuvenated in mind, body and soul. I have found my passion again for the objects of my creative being. I am so excited to get back into my outfit shoots, my drawing, writing my blog again and just writing for the pure expression of a moment. I am also excited to traverse more in creating in any medium that I find inspiration to explore. If you made it to the end of my cliched ramblings I appreciate you and here's to us finding our spark in the little and big moments.


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