We'll Meet Again San Francisco! || The Golden City

7:30 AM

Ah, the wonderful city of San Francisco! My first time visiting you and I have already fallen in love with your wonderful spirit! 

The weather on this trip was sheer perfection with the sun blazing overhead and the chilly breeze gently caressing you body and soooouuuuul (love this song btw).  Compared to the Florida weather we have been having lately, San Francisco is an atmospheric dream. Aside from the beautiful weather, the whole city is lovely to explore with its hilly roads and colorful homes surrounding the city. 

I of course visited the Golden Gate Bridge more so for my boyfriend's sake than my own. He really wanted to walk the bridge but! lo and behold, I wore the wrong sneakers that day and basically my feet fell off and ran away. Oh, the blisters! Oh, the pain! I really need to coordinate better the shoes I wear and the activity I am planning to do that day to avoid the discomfort. I do this to myself almost every trip. Sigh.

Anywaaays, I love the shot I got of the Golden Gate Bridge in my vlog and the photo above. The flowers definitely add to the shot in my opinion, as they always do.

We also found this hidden gem in the middle of a neighborhood after we ate at a cute cafe called Home. I got the lavender latte which was absolutely divine darlings. I love anything infused with rose or lavender. Yummy  yum. 

Aside from the cozy cafe, I like to believe I have an artistic, expressive soul so my heart sings when I come into contact with any beautiful creation. These mosaic steps we found is so beautiful in person and this photo does it no justice! It is reminiscent of one of my favorite paintings since I was a kid except in stead of the heavens it captures the depths of the sea. Can you guess which painting I have pictured in my minds eye? . .

Starry Night!

Each day was spent walking the city and exploring the different facets that make any city unique and gives it character. I tried to capture as much of the city in my photos and the vlog I created. Not all my photos are in this post or it would be a never-ending album but you can find more on my Instagram!  I ate great food, met some wonderful people and enjoyed a wonderful week with my bf Joshua. What more can a girl ask for in life?  I honestly cannot wait to visit San Francisco again in the future. Nashville was the city I have enjoyed the most during my travels so far and SF definitely beat it!

                       I hope you all have a beautiful week!

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