Palace of Versailles || Architectural Beauty

3:10 PM

 Visiting the Palace of Versailles is one of those childhood dreams of mine that has finally come to fruition! I have always wanted to see this beautiful architectural piece for so many years of my life. I am a lover of history and being able to stand, walk, and gaze upon the grounds that contain years of lives past that I have only read in books and online is incredible. 

The elaborate details in each room and throughout the entirety of the palace is such gorgeous art. I would love to visit again during the Spring or Summer to see the immense gardens in all it's green, blooming glory. I am not kidding when I tell you that the gardens are ridiculously, enormously, gargantuan piece of land. I spent most of my day in Versailles and did not get to see everything so I definitely have to come back. My feet were hurting by the end of this trip but the experiences I have had are worth it. 

Now, photos galore because I don't know how to put the camera down, hehe. 

 The above two photos are shots from one of the ceilings. Beautiful, just gaaaawgeous!

 Omg, the Hall of Mirrors was by far my favorite part of the Palace. Like yes, give it to meeee. I need my house to look like this!

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