Lyzmarie Fernandez

Chichén Itzá in Yucatan, Mexico

I am currently attending the University of Central Florida. Since I was able to read as a young girl I have always loved reading, writing, and drawing as my pastimes. As I grew older, my love for literature only grew and that is the reason why I chose English Literature as my major when I graduated from Valencia with my A.A. degree. Towards the final year of classes, I decided to minor in Marketing which I thought would benefit me immensely. A dream of mine is to be able to work for a publishing house and to also, eventually publish my own book whether it be a wonderful novel or a book of expressive poetry.

Passions of mine besides the previously mentioned pastimes are also photography, traveling, and new experiences in general. Seeing the world and being able to have the opportunities to taste foods from different cultures and meet people with different views of the world is inspiring. Knowledge is overflowing in every experience you may encounter whether it’s in your own home town or across the world. My only goal in life is to spread positivity with the love of life and to always be open to learning more because there is a never-ending, plethora of realizations and to have an appreciation for others or a countries beauty.