A Day in Camden

6:46 PM

Helloooo lovelies! I am back from my trip overseas and there are so many places that have caused me to just fall into adoration. My first stop on my small tour through Europe was London, England. I did not have much planned for this destination but I knew that I wanted to visit the Camden Market. Outdoor markets, flea markets, antique shops, take me anywhere I can find handcrafted or unique items and I will love you forever!

As soon as you leave the dim building of the subway station you senses are filled with the sounds and colors surrounding you. There are so many people filling up the streets going from one vendor to the next. So many new smells of food I have never tried. So many beautiful faces. It's completely invigorating.

It did not take me long to find something I wanted to purchase and it was with one of the first vendors I came across. I love vintage clothing pieces and I fell in love with many of the button up shirts hanging, lined up on a rack. Bold prints is an aspect I love in any clothing piece and so I had to pick one up. If I could have I would have bought possibly five of those shirts but I behaved myself. As I went along my way my nose caught on a breeze some scent that was so familiar to me but I could not quite figure what it was exactly. I followed it of course and it led me to an incense store! As a child I loved buying incense for my room though my mother was convinced I would eventually burn the house down, hehe.

I appreciate items that are handcrafted because it is so beautiful to hone a craft and then share it with the world. My boyfriend Joshua purchased a beautifully made leather wallet from the shop called Gohil's Handmade Leather Goods. Looking closely at the wallet you can see the slightest imperfections that give it personality and individuality as you compare it to others deciding that yes, this is the one for me.

My favorite moment by far is when we went to the heart of the market and became completely surrounded by food. Ah, how I love to eat and taste something different from the norm. Have you ever had Tibetan food? Neither have I until this day in Camden. They had these dumplings with the choice of boar, pheasant, or venison as the meat. Now I do not know about you but I have never eaten anything but simple chicken or beef generally. The basic stuff. We chose venison and it was actually quite good.

My overall experience in Camden was everything I thought it would be and I thoroughly enjoyed the day spent there. I would loooove to return there sometime soon while exploring other parts of England as well. :)

I hope you all get the chance to travel in your life. It's always an enriching experience even if it is just in your own home state. You never know what you will find.


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