Boldly Red || 25

7:14 AM

I'm 25! Aaaaah!

My 25th birthday has just past (October 4th) and each year as I get older I gain appreciation for the people I meet who I learn from, share moments, and just experiencing life. Life has so much to offer if you will only try. I do not wish to be in a different period of my life, whether in the past or my foreseeable future, because I enjoy viewing my life with clear, conscious eyes watching it unfold. Too many people live their lives through the lens of their phone or worrying about things out of our hands. I strive to live in the moment because that is when you can feel the most beautiful emotions rush through your body when every nerve ending is tingling with vibrancy. Sometimes I like to just take a moment, close my eyes and just take in all the senses. The coolness of a breeze, the scent of fresh rain, the sound of laughter. 

The events surrounding us of late, especially the most recent devastation with the shooting in Las Vegas, always serves as a reminder to take it all in and to love deeply. I am 25 and I have so much yet to learn and experience. I am 25, I am still so very young and vulnerable and the world offers more love than it does hate.  

And now that I am done blabbing away. . . 

Don't you just love these bold, red pants I bought from Zara!? I am telling you, I have a thing for wearing the color red and it does not seem like it is going anywhere anytime soon. It is on trend for this fall and a perfect pop to any ensemble. Like I have mentioned in previous blogs posts, I never would dare wear the color red because it was intimidating to me.This color is an all-eyes-on-you color but now I have broken out of my cliche cocoon and am a gorgeous, bold, floral butterfly, hehe.

Outfit Details:

Top: Boohoo (Asos)
Jeans: Zara (sold out, couldn't find similar)
Shoes: Public Desire 

I adore you all and remember to enjoy everyday!


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