Just Some of My Favorite Things

9:10 AM

Hellooooo! After being off the blog for two weeks I sure have missed it but sometimes life has other ideas of what you should occupy your time, haha. This week I was so happy to finally have some free time and I took this opportunity to visit two of my favorite places in Orlando! 

I have always had a love for things old, classic, or antique so I adore going to places where I can explore and find hidden gems! Anyplace that I can look at antique furniture or find awesome vintage clothing is my cup of tea (and I LOVE tea). I cannot wait to be able to decorate my own place with unique pieces from different eras, pieces that just speak to me and give each room its own character or meaning. There is always a story behind vintage finds that make them beautiful. 

Now, another one of my absolute favorite items are records! So of course, I had to visit one of the record stores I enjoy.

I adore them so much. I have a Crosley record player that my boyfriend got for me but I plan on purchasing one of those huge record players that contain a cabinet to store your stunning collection. I always imagined it in my living room where the sound could resonate throughout the house and create such a calm while you are taken to another time. I love music and there is nothing like listening to a song on a record player. There is so much more depth of sound and it just reverberates throughout your soul. 

In my mind, it is always important to have little things that can make you happy, small nooks where you can feel free from the outside world.  I plan on making more time for myself and doing things I enjoy and find myself missing. Sometimes you get so busy, you leave no time for the things that truly make your life amusing and delightful. 

I hope every one of you beautiful souls give yourself some fun-time as the week comes to an end and the weekend begins. 


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