Luz del Sol

9:56 AM

White, like the sun, can encapsulate beauty as far as the human eye can see in viewing the world's horizon.

The color white is a stark contrast to black but they compliment each other so well. White evokes feelings of cleanliness and purity. You are filled with a sense of hope and are uplifted. White reflects light so beautifully and whenever I see someone wearing it, they seem to have this glow around them. A glow that is reminiscent of daybreak just as the sun rises or the hour just before the sun sets.

White in its own right is a bold color and though I have always been weary of it, I am in love with how it looks in these photos. It is so simple but the white blouse with the frilled sleeves make this outfit perfect. The two colors, black and white, are staples in anyone's wardrobe. 

Outfit Deets:

Hat --  an old purchase from H&M (Similar)
Top --  Zara
Jeans -- Zara
Boots -- Public Desire (similar pair 1 pair 2 pair 3)

Have wonderful day and keep it foxy!


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