Back to Black

8:00 AM

Lately I have really been into the color red for some reason and I never where red. The color has just caught my attention but I will always come back to my one true love: the color black. Black will never go out of style and is always so easy to wear. I do not believe it is possible to look terrible while wearing this color. It is sophisticated, it is sexy, it is

The color black is the absence or presence of all colors soooo in other words it's a rainbow because I believe it embodies all colors and I deem it the happiest of colors.How else do I always feel so wonderfully fab when wearing it? I will ascend into the clouds wearing this dark, alluring color. I will be that one bad-ass angel in black leather. 

The weather on this day was pretty gloomy but it makes these photos look super moody and me like, me like. Also, I am so happy I finally got out to take some outfit pics. Life has been so hectic lately ever since I got back from LA and with finals right around the corner I think I may possibly go insane. The only thing that keeps me leveled is all the things I do as an outlet for my creativity and passion.

I have got my trusty faux leather jacket from Zara paired with this dress from Goodwill and simple sandals purchased from Asos. I am not much to accessorize but I bought this lovely necklace from Regal Rose and I adore it. I plan on adding to my jewelry collection slowly but surely. 

I hope you all have a fab ending to your week as we head toward the weekend.

P.S. Remember to try an smile more! A smile can change any mood.


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