In My Own Skin

2:06 PM

I have always loved freckles whether they be a light speckle across the nose and cheeks or a body full of personal constellations. Freckles to me have always been a feature of beauty though some may not enjoy them. I have the light specks of stars on my face and I always love when summer comes because the sun darkens them to become more prominent. Owning your own skin is a beautiful feeling.

The beauty of freckles has now become a makeup trend though I have always seen it in editorial shoots for magazines or ads. I do not personally have any problems about this trend because makeup is a way of expression and personified art. So while thinking about this during the past week, I got a whim of inspiration for a look to shoot. 

Photography is yet another pastime I dearly appreciate and relish. Any form of art I would like to see and experience. 

What do you guys think of this trend? Do you like it or no? Let me know in the comment section. :))


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