Sonia Kashuk Soft Focus Satin Matte Foundation

12:42 PM

Hello everybody! It has been quite awhile since I have touched my blog but I am back after a little break. Today I have decided to review Sonia Kashuk's newest foundation which is the Soft Focus Satin Matte Foundation. Now, from what I can see from other blogs and YouTube review videos is that this product is receiving mixed opinions on whether people like it or not. For me, however, I have been using it for the past month and I must say I quite enjoy it! It sits on my skin really well and it lasts a good amount of hours on me though I must say, I am not one to wear a foundation for more than 6 hours if I can help it. 

It claims to be an anti-aging formula, lightweight, medium to full coverage, and is geared more towards combination to oily skin types. Some features I would like to address that may affect whether you would like to purchase this foundation or not are as follows:
  1. There is a floral scent which I guess is from the blue lotus, daisy flower, and mallow extracts included in the formula. If you are sensitive to scents, I find that it does linger awhile even after I have finished application.
  2. This foundation retails for $12.99 at Target and does not contain a full 1 oz. of the product. It is 0.88 oz., or 26 ml to the normal 30 ml, and I consider this to be on the pricey side for drugstore since it is not a full ounce of product.
  3. There are only 6 color options in the range which is not nearly broad enough to encompass all skin tones. I bought the lightest shade in the range and when I swatched it on my hand it seemed to oxidize quite a bit.  It did not seem to oxidize on my face when I apply it as far as I could tell.
  4. A good feature that I love is that this foundation dries down to a powder finish in my opinion and I do not feel the need to set it with powder at all except for possible touch-ups in my t-zone later in the day. Also, it is transfer proof which is awesome!
  5. As for the medium to full coverage claim I do not know if this is a true statement because I can still see my freckles show through even when I have layered it in those areas of my cheeks. It could be that applying it with a beauty sponge sheers out the formula but I cannot say for sure since I have yet to try applying it with a brush. Hmm, we shall see!
  6. For me it is definitely lightweight. I hate when you can feel foundation sitting on your skin which is why most of the time I prefer light coverage foundation to full.
Overall, I adore this foundation and it has worked out well for me. Depending on your skin type and foundation preference this may be a new foundation to give a whirl (thumbs up). If any of you have tried this Sonia Kashuk Soft Focus foundation I would love to hear about your experience with it in the comment section! 


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