Forbidden Fruits

7:32 AM

Hello everyone, Thanksgiving is almost here and then it's Christmas! I simply adore the holiday season with all the lights and music. Everything just seems lighter and takes on a new, dreamlike aura. I mean, at least for me it seems that way. I also tend to get very nostalgic, haha. Holiday music is my favorite music but I hate the new versions that come out by popular music artists. I prefer the old classics. 

Anyways, here is a look I did with Saucebox Cosmetics Forbidden Fruits palette which I believe has been discontinued but I still adore the purples and pinks. Speaking of the holidays I am reminding myself of a candy cane with my color choices in this look. I used the colors on my eyes and cheeks. I also took the glittering red shade and applied it to my lips. I had this makeup look idea for awhile but I did not have a white eyeliner to execute the freckles and the liner on my lids. I just bought Nyx Cosmestics eyeshadow base in white but it remains a wet consistency which is not good for liner. 

I believe this look could have came out a lot better if I took better care of the freckle placement and had a better white liner to begin with but this was my first time experimenting, I give myself kudos for that much. :D

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Day!

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