Road Trip to Winter Wonderland

1:16 PM

I have started this New Year of 2017 with a mini road trip and this trip was a much needed break and refresher. It was the perfect start to the New Year! The photo above is one I took at the end of a hike to the top of a mountain in the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina. Beautiful and breathtaking. My photo does not do it justice in the least and the  waterfall found in this forest is just has magnificent. The outdoors will always be a place of respite. It just has a calming and restorative quality. 

 Photographer: Joshua Joel Munoz

For a few days, we decided to also explore other places in two other states which were Fort Payne, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee. The above photos were taken in Alabama where we saw DeSoto Falls which was just another hidden gem in the vast world I have yet to explore. There is so much that I want to see and experience it's mind-blowing! I will travel around the world to taste different foods, visit museums, see natural beauty, such as the Nantahala Forest and DeSoto Falls, and so much more. The world is so culturally rich and learning new things is one of my favorite things to do. :) 

I have been to Nashville a couple of times already but it is a city I adore already and will continue to come back to throughout my life. I do not know what it is about Nashville that I love so much honestly, but I do. I find the food is delicious and the people are wonderful. If you ever happen to find yourself in the city of Nashville, please eat at Arnold's Country Kitchen! This restaurant has the best Southern style food I have ever tasted. It is so yummy! And for a good burger, visit The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden. Mmm, deliciousness.

When we finally made it back to our cabin in North Carolina it finally snowed! I was so happy because I have never seen snow a day in my life excepts the light flurries from my first visit to NC. The air after it snows is just so clean and crisp. It is lovely and though it may burn to touch it, snow is just beautiful. It instantly covers the world in a silence and calm. I miss the snow already though, when I fell it was not fun, lol. The following photos are my winter fashion inspo, haha. I bought that coat to wear if it snowed and gosh darn it I wore it!

I hope everyone is enjoying their New Year so far and that it is filled with wonderful moments to come!


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