Laced Rain

10:26 AM

Photographer: Joshua Joel Munoz

When the rain comes, you take photos in a gazebo on a lake. Ah, Florida and it's constant rain. I do not think the term "Sunshine State" is an apt one. Rain or shine, I plan on enjoying my week. Time in and watching Narcos sounds like a good idea once it gets to being 3 or 4 o'clock around here oooorr taking a nap. :) Rain is the perfect lullaby. 

Though I will say, after the rain, the weather cooled down enough for me to actually make use of my jacket, haha. It was burning hot the whole day. I really love the fall and it is my favorite season. I hope to move away from Florida and find a place where I can actually experience the seasons changing. Especially the changing colors of the leaves which ques Pocahontas' Colors of the Wind song. I love it. 


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