Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

5:03 PM

This past Saturday I decided to visit two museums I have yet to visit and one of them was the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum. I enjoy art so much and I find museums a must when visiting other cities and countries. There is so much of culture and vision to learn about and also, to experience. 
On Display at this museum is Louis Comfort Tiffany's artwork which he made through the use of different mediums. He has created lampshades, windows, vases, and even a beautifully, elaborate chapel. The Morse Museum also held Tiffany's Long Island home which was named Laurelton Hall. They had in different rooms the furniture and details of each room within the house and there were some gorgeous pieces of decor. I wish to go back in the future in order to capture these pieces in a photo and share them with others.

The photos above are some stained glass windows created by Tiffany which I found to be beautiful. The museum's atmosphere is soft and the displays are in low light which enhances the beauty of each piece of glass-work. The stained glass window in the bottom photo was aptly named the Butterfly window because hidden is an array of butterflies. I had not noticed until one of the staff members came over and told me to have a closer look. I do not think these photos capture the light and beauty of both these works. Especially since I am in the middle of them.

I encourage you all to visit your local museums. You never know what you may find.

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