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7:05 PM

To the Milk District we go once again and here we find a quaint boutique by the name of Etoile. I found it awhile back when I first visited Gringos Locos. I have only gone a couple of times but I always enjoy the aesthetic and atmosphere of the store. This store carries a lot of unique trinkets and hand-crafted items. I also enjoy looking at clothing options, though I have yet to make a purchase besides the hand-crafted leather wallet I bought for my boyfriend's birthday. From vintage boots to unique necklaces and clothing with interesting patterns. There are options for everyone I am sure within Etoile Boutique.

I think thrift shopping is a fantastic hobby and pastime because you get to find on-of-a-kind items. These items are in a sense rare and make them more precious to a person who chooses to purchase said item. I always think about the memories each item can possibly be holding and we do not know them. They are like little locked secrets and I sometimes will make up a background story in my mind. Someone else once owned the items found in every antique or thrift store and I want to know their story. Sometimes only a part of it can be found in a old band tee or old records and books.

I have always enjoyed antiques and vintage items even if the items are not authentically from several decades in the past. It is the possible stories behind them that draws me. Also, it's the patterns, details, and overall look that I appreciate from different eras. One of my favorite eras is the 1920s and I really adore how men and women use to dress. There are several other antique shops I adore as well and one is located in Mont Dora, Florida. I plan to revisit those shops more often and hope to find some goodies in the future. If you enjoy old, antiques or uncommon items I believe you should give this small boutique a visit. 

I hope everyone finds something a little fun and interesting this week!

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