Brows! Brows! Brows!

8:53 PM

I decided to post a few photos of some of my favorite women and their brows! :D

Now brows come in all shapes, sizes. . . uh, angles? Well, there is arches or more of a rounded brow but anways, I have not always liked my brows. Lately, I have been trying to grow them out because I reached the point of over-plucking. Yikes! And they are looking quite crazy at the moment but these women are some of the most beautiful. Also, there brows are defined and prominent though not always the thick, eye-catching brow. 

The brows, in my opinion, are a very important, defining factor of the face. They frame the eyes and give the face more definition. Have you seen someone with no eyebrows? To me they just look likesomething is missing to which gives the face more character, you know? Un je ne sais quoi so to speak. There are also plenty of brow products to help achieve the "perfect brows" for your face. Which is awesome! You can always experiment by redefining your brows in different ways with different products. There are never any rules to makeup so make them as thick or thin and as arched or rounded as you may very well please. :)

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