Dream Destination

8:52 PM

I have always wanted to travel the world but my family was never one to drive even one hour from Orlando to Tampa. Well, over the past year I have taken advantage of many opportunities presented to me to travel, even just within the United states or Florida. There are many places just within Florida that I have not seen and there are so many beautiful, glorious things to experience if you just look in the right places, in the right light. 

I have so far within the past two years experienced so much that I will always have the desire to keep moving and see more of the world. More, more, more. There is always more and nothing should stop you from reaching out to touch something so precious as knowledge and understanding from another standpoint. I have gone to Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, a cruise to Belize and Grand Cayman . In each place I have met different people who express themselves in many different ways and each just as wonderful as the next. 

I encourage everyone to travel even if it's just within your own state or country. There is always something worth discovering and sometimes it's discovering something within yourself. 

I hope everyone finds a reason to smile everyday.

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