Summer Heat

10:58 AM

Photographer: Joshua Joel Muñoz

I have finally gone to the beach which seems like the first time in a long time and, despite the unrelenting heat of Florida, I enjoyed it very much. The St. Augustine Beach water was surprisingly cool and I spent most of my time in soothing waves. There was a minor error on my part and that was that I forgot sunscreen. -sigh- Oh, I only got slightly sunburned in patches but that was because, though I forgot my sunscreen, I had my daily moisturizer with SPF 30. Hallelujah!

After several hours in the beautiful waves, I spent the rest of the day in St. Augustine's little shopping strip and had some gourmet popsicles which were heaven in this heat. I had been craving Horchata and I was so surprised when they actually had a popsicle made with the actual drink. It was so refreshing and tasty, mmmm. I hope to enjoy more days like these this summer.

Happiness and love. :)

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