The Best Quick + Easy Face Mask!

12:29 PM

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     Having a personal love and obsession with skincare I am always open to trying new products that catch my ever wandering eye. I am constantly looking at new brands and products compiling a list of what I want to experience during my personal spa time. That being said, I have come across a new brand that has quickly become a favorite. This brand is Zabana Essentials which I had the pleasure of trying from my good ol' Petit Vour subscription box! I swear if you looking for a subscription box that will get you excited every month try Petit Vour but back to the topic at hand, I am going to specifically be focusing on Zabana Essentials Face Mask + Scrub Banana Colloidal Oatmeal which was so kindly gifted to me. How exciting, hehe.
I first tried this mask as a sample size in my monthly subscription box and I absolutely enjoyed it. I now have been using this mask for several weeks now and it's such a quick, easy mask to use when your skin needs a little boost in moisture and help with texture. The main purpose of this mask is to provide hydration while gently exfoliating the skin revealing smoother, glowing skin. I have to say that this mask definitely improves the texture of your skin and helps you look refreshed. This mask is deeply moisturizing while being rich in Vitamin A, Potassium and Silica which are all ingredients that are fantastic for the health of our skin. These key ingredients are found in the rhassoul clay, banana and oatmeal found in this face mask.

On the Zabana Essentials product pages they provide awesome information on the ingredients they include in their skincare and other products including the benefits for your skin. Each ingredient plays a part in making this mask work fantastically and the rhassoul clay specifically is rich in minerals such as magnesium, silica, potassium and calcium which are all beneficial for our skin. The clay also helps to diminish dirt and oil build up during the day. The banana is not only yummy but also great for the skin providing more potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. It restores skin that has lost moisture and revives dull skin fading dark spots while preventing lines and wrinkles. The last ingredient I want to focus on is the oatmeal which acts as a humectant. What is a humectant you ask? It is an ingredient that helps the skin retain its moisture and prevents further loss of hydration so this aspect helps the mask to further benefit the skin for that youthful glow!

I love this mask through and through especially for a quick morning skincare routine. The oils left after cleansing make it so you don't have to add another moisturizer on top and BAM you are ready to start your day! The creamy texture makes it a dream to apply and the gentle exfoliation is barely noticeable but definitely has amazing impact. I sincerely advice you to give Zabana Essentials Face Mask + Scrub Banana Colloidal Oatmeal a whirl and experience for yourself this gem of a product. 

I would love any face mask suggestions you may have in the comment section below and if you have tried this face mask before let me know your thoughts! I'm definitely feeling hydrated and glowy as we head into the weekend. I hope you will as well!


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