Anastasia Beverly Hills: Subculture || My Thoughts

2:03 PM

As I am sure everyone in the beauty community knows by now, Anastasia Beverly Hills just came out with their sister palette to the Modern Renaissance, the Subculture palette which is currently sold out on their website. Everyone, myself included, love, love, LOVE the Modern Renaissance so when they revealed the Subculture palette I was beyond the word ecstatic.Then all hell broke lose and this palette by far has become the most controversial released this year! I could not believe all the reviews that said this palette was basically a fail but I bought it anyways and I want to try it for myself. 

ABH is one of my favorite brands so I have to give this palette a chance. The colors are gorgeous, they speak to me, and they definitely have a place in my growing makeup collection.

Here are some initial finger swatches I took when I first received this palette in the mail. Now right away you can tell that these are immensely pigmented shades with the exception of the two duo-chrome shades Cube and Electric. Some shades feel a bit dry but for the most part they glided against my skin. 

I attempted to do brush swatches on my actual eyelids but those photos came out disastrous so unfortunately I cannot not show you how they  performed. I used a concealer for my base as I always do and dusted over it with a translucent powder. My experience during these swatches was overall good in my opinion. I touched most of the eyeshadows once with my brush and was able to cover my lid while blending it out slightly. The two shadows I had the most difficulty blending were Fudge and Untamed. Untamed is was very patchy while Fudge refused to blend. They were both the driest shades with my experience. Also, the two shades Cube and Electric did not show up well on the lid even with the application of multiple layers. I will be trying them with a glitter glue primer in the future to see if that will help them to appear more vibrant. If not, they can always be used as toppers to other shadows to add some oomph!

I am going to try and create a look later this week to further test out the Subculture palette's performance. My hopes are so far still high but I will say to go in lightly with these shadows and build up the intensity. With so much pigment, I can see how so many makeup enthusiasts and professionals are having difficulties. 

Do you guys have any thoughts on the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette? Leave a comment down below! I would love to hear about your experience or thought!  If you're interested in purchasing this palette it is available at Sephora, Ulta, Macy's, and Dillard's online or in stores on August 15, 2017. I hope everyone has a lovely week!


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