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Hey guys!

There are always those days that come around where you are pressed for time and in a rush. Whether you woke up late or time just somehow got away from you trying to get ready becomes less enjoyable. I love taking the time to pick out what I am going to wear and the process of doing my makeup I find to be extremely relaxing. Stress is never fun and it can be a reason that you may start your day in a foul mood. No bueno. 

What I find is helpful in dressing my face quickly is sticking to the basics!

Soooo, starting with your base, after you have cleansed and moisturized (very important), you can begin with a light coverage foundation or BB cream. I always make sure to stick with a tried and true favorite so you know there will be no surprises. After your base, I love to just bronze up my face and if you are keeping it really simple, skip blush and highlight (gasp! I know). 

I am extremely lazy when it comes to my brows so a quick brush through with a brow gel is perfection. It takes literally 5 seconds and my brows will look perfectly groomed and ready to rule! Also, to give definition to my eyes I use the same bronzer I used for my face in my crease. Pop on some mascara and viola!

Lastly, is lips. A nice gloss is always great, easy, and no fuss buuuut I am clearly too extravagant and need a lip liner with lipstick and then the gloss on top. :D Seriously though I will take my lip products with me if I am really running late. 

Even if you are not in a rush it is so wonderful to have a fresh, natural makeup look for everyday. I love it for daily outings and if you want to add some DRAMA just wing it out with some liner ya'll! 

I hope you all have a fab weekend full of amusement and repose. Relax, don't do it when you want to go to it . . .  I will just be here humming away. 


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