Beauty Rouge

12:25 PM

During the past week, I have noticed how the majority of people are always in a rush. You see them walking fast or speeding down the road. We all seem to go from one thing to the next and never taking some time to relax and be to ourselves.  A majority of the population is also technologically consumed. I am guilty of spending too much of my time searching something on Google or on some social media platform. We all should take the time to stop and actually see what is all around us. We can miss so much from moving so constantly and consistently without stopping to take it all in. 

I got dressed this past Saturday morning and as ridiculous as it was for me to go on a hike wearing a bold, red ensemble, I went anyways. Originally I planned to go somewhere urban for photos but I just chucked on some sneakers and went to an old favorite forest called Split Oak. Who cares if I was inappropriately dressed? I did not feel like changing and spur of the moment is what life is about. An interruption from the monotony of life was a godsend.

When I want a break from the world around me I always love to go on a hike. Being surrounded by the sounds of birds singing or a bug buzzing past, the breeze in the trees and the fresh air you breathe brings a sense of calm and peace. You are away from all the city sounds such as honking cars, ambulances and the constant chatter of people wherever you go. I find it to be quite maddening and it is always a safe place in the haven of a forest or garden. 

My thoughts have just been on the rush of life all around us where I knew I needed to stop and run away from it all. 

I stop, close my eyes, and listen to the whispers brought along a breeze. I exhale all I have been holding in and I am renewed.  

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