City of Angels || Roadtrip

1:23 PM

Hello everyone! Boy has it been awhile since I last posted on here. Life sometimes gets a bit hectic with school and work but also, I went on a trip recently to Los Angeles, California along with several other destinations that I shall share. :) Not only did I fall behind with my blog because of the latter but at the tail-end of my trip I got sick and alas, that was another week of doing nothing but struggle. *sigh* 
I have started to finally get better. -yippee-

This past trip I ventured to Los Angeles, California for the first time as well as sighting-seeing in Las Vegas, Nevada, and nature-hiking in Utah and Arizona. I have a renewed love for hiking and the outdoors. I use to go out and hike with my boyfriend quite frequently but as of late I have not been allowing myself to take the time for the freshness of the air or clarity that comes within a great walk outdoors. 

From the wonderful week I had, I would love to share with you photos and experiences embraced in the various places I have visited. :D

Summit at Los Angeles Hollywood Sign

The hike up to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles was the first hike of my trip. We hiked basically all day and the view from the top as the sun is setting is completely breathtaking! You watch the sky change colors from blue to purple, orange to pink, and as the sky transitions to night all the city lights are given life. 

Angels Landing Trail at Zion National Park in Utah

The hike up to Angels Landing was so tiring and the hardest of the trip. They were not joking when they said it is strenuous. The sun was just intense this day and draining but once I got to the top I realized it was entirely worth it. I live for views like the ones I have been able to encounter on these hikes. 

 Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

Okay so Bryce Canyon has snow. Snow! It was such a beautiful contrast to all the green of the trees and the rusted orange of the canyon. It was definitely cooler in temperature here than at Zion. 

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

My last stop before going back to California was the Grand Canyon. This day was when I started to feel the beginning of being sick so I did not explore much on this day. I would love to come back in the future and hike the canyon. 

The photos do no justice for the overwhelming beauty of the Earth. This is just within the United States and I have so much more to see not only in the U.S. but in the world in its entirety! Oh, I just cannot wait to explore and create more memories. I hope you guys enjoyed these views as much as I do. 


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