Infinity Palette || LH Cosmetics

10:33 AM

LH Cosmetics is a brand created by the wonderfully talented Linda Halbergs (you can find her on her blog as well as other social meida platforms) and you guys should definitely check her out for makeup inspo. She is from Sweden and is such a creative artist. Her work never fails to inspire me.

I recently was able to purchase the first products created for her brand which is the Inifinity Palette (pictured above; $47) and The Eye Kit brushes (pictured below; $53). Oh happy day when they finally came in the mail!

Playing around with it for the first time, I was entirely shocked at the immense pigmentation of the eight shades provided in this multi-purpose product. Infinity is an apt name for a palette that contains blush, bronzer, highlight and contour which can also be used as your eyeshadow and brow powders! You barely have to tap your brushes in order to get color pay-off. It is INSANE. The Inifinity Palette is one of the most color intense product I have used and it is surely going to become a favorite of mine! 

Here a simple look I created while playing with the Infinity Palette and The Eye Kit brushes. :)

I will be posting swatches on my Instagram (parfumdemarie) soon if you are interested! I may even update this post and add the swatches. I hope everyone enjoys the coming week. Do something exciting whether it is big or small! 


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