Tournesol Soleil Soleil

7:50 PM

Photographer: Joshua Joel Muñoz 

Once again I have adventured the Sweetfields Farm Spring Sunflower Maze, yippee kai yay! I love hiking and the outdoors along with puzzle so what better way to combine those then this outdoor maze. They give you a set of questions for each number you reach and if answered wrong you end up at a deadend. Though, even if you answer the questions correctly, there is still the possibility to traverse the wrong route of multiple lanes of Sunflowers. Suffice it ti say, Joshua and I got lost several times and it took about an hour to finally make it out... alive! 0_0 

Besides the maze, there is some small vendors for lemonade, wood-fire pizza, kettle corn, and the like which was great buuuut we brought a picnic! I love picnics and I apparently love many things hence the overuse of the word love. I'll replace it with adore soooo I adore picnics. Also, the weather was wonderful. It was another of those perfectly sunny and breezy days. The last year we went was unfortunately extremely humid, yikes not great for my hair. 

Anywho, I hope you guys have some great wonderland adventures this summer. 

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