Spring Rouge

2:34 PM

Photographer: Joshua Joel Muñoz 

This day was so beautiful in Florida! It was sunny without a cloud n sight and there was the perfect cool breeze to accompany the sun's warmth. Ah, I love when we get lovely breezy days and they are definitely my favorite kind of days. Perfect for any outdoor activities which I should definitely go hiking or to one of the Florida springs soon! :D Also, I would like to call this look 'Sexy Business Woman." Just kidding, what business woman wears a crop top . . .

Simple is always better and I definitely went simple with my outfit, which happens more often than not, but that's beside the point. I never wear red but I was given this red skirt and decided to "Just Do IT!" Now imagine me flexing and yelling in a similar fashion to Shia LaBouf, haha. Anyways, stripes are definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe. I could probably wear stripes everyday buuut I won't. 

On a side-note: In Baldwin Park (which is where these photos were taken) there is a wonderful French cafe called Cafe 906. Delicious! If you're ever in Orlando, FL you must eat here if you love French dishes. They have $5 mimosas and the second is $4 with the third being $3 I believe. Mmmm, yes please.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Spring Days or Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere which is another of my favorite seasons. Au Revoir!


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