Blanc on Noir

12:35 PM

Photographer: Joshua Joel  Muñoz

Hello lovelies, here is just a quick post. I really wanted to do a simple black and white shoot and I decided on head shots instead of full body. I love this fur stole and I want to figure out a great outfit to wear it with so I am sure it may appear on the blog again, haha. Alas, it is faux fur. I thought to curl my hair to give it a more vintage feel but I am not a big fan of putting heat to my hair. I love my crazy hair although I do plan to try something new. I just have to figure out what works for me. I hope everyone has a fantastic week. 

XoXo :)

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  1. Stunning! I love how this turned out in black and white!

    xx Cara

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate the positive comments. :)