Fedoras and Roses

11:49 AM

Photographer: Eric Russell 

Fedora - H&M
Top - Charlotte Russe
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - Urbanog

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post and I have wanted to start a blog for quite awhile now. I do not know what direction I will take, whether it be solely a fashion blog or if I will add other aspects. Anywho,  I have always loved piecing together outfits and I decided to put this outfit together for my first post because this pretty much describes how I typically dress. I am in love with hats especially fedoras. I want more in every color I can get my hands on and I am also in love with floral print. I put shorts on because, even though it is suppose to be winter, I live in Florida so it is pretty warm and breezy. I hope you will decide to follow me and give me any opinions and/or comments whether good or bad. All criticism is good criticism. I will take it in stride and continue to do the things I love and enjoy. 
XoXo :)

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  1. I am super in love with this outfit and can't wait to see more from you and your art of fashion! You are super talented and beautiful too :) Great job on your first post !!!!!