Downtown Adventures

9:58 AM

Photographer: Joshua Joel Muñoz

Hey lovelies! This set of pictures are from an impromptu photoshoot I did while walking around downtown with my friend Joshua.  It was actually really fun to do and I would really love to go back to downtown to take more photos.  What I love about these photos is the fact that I was not prepared. It was spur of the moment, I am wearing practically no makeup and my hair is a mess but I love it. Also, I am wearing all black. More than half of my closet is black articles of clothing considering it is one of my favoite colors. My favorite photos are the ones taken in the back alleyway. Let me know what you think and always be spontaneous.
XoXo :)

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  1. I love what I see in this post, it's the start of really getting to know you and the personality behind the art of your fashion. I love that you can be spontaneous, that's real right there. I dig it. :)

  2. I effing love this you look gorgeous!!!!!!! Your pimp loves you babygirl