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Okay, so I had been eyeing this faux leather jacket by BLANKNYC  for months and months. This jacket is just everything I would ever want and I was lucky enough to receive it as a graduation gift from my wonderful boyfriend! I was debating on getting it for a long time since it has a pretty hefty price-tag but it is completely worth the pricing. As soon as I held it in my hands you can just tell it is a quality jacket. It is not one of those more expensive items you finally receive and are disappointed by either the fabric quality or fit. This jacket has great weight to it and is thick feeling when you hold it. I don't know how to explain it but it just screams, HEY I AM THE BEST DAMN FAUX LEATHER JACKET THAT YOU ARE GOING TO OWN and I will have to say I completely agree with it. 

What made this jacket stand out for me was the embroidering and the antiqued silver studs throughout the design of this piece. Floral prints are one of my favorite prints in practically anything and the studding just adds edge to the femininity of the embroidery. It was completely crazy of me to wear this jacket in this Florida heat but I couldn't contain myself. This will be perfect for those random cold days Florida gets in the Winter Season though I can see myself just wearing it again and again despite the heat. 

I decided to pair this jacket with a black sheer dress I had in my closet to continue with the feminine bad-ass vibe I was getting from this clothing piece. I also completed the outfit with a pair of distressed shorts and the trendy sock-boot. I looked for an eternity to find the perfect pair of sock- boots that I knew I would love. I wanted a flare heel but the majority that I found had a rounded heel or a regular block heel. I was so excited when I found these! Perfection and so comfortable guys. 

Alas, leather jackets always, always, always instantaneously give the impression of edge and dangerous sophistication. They are such a staple fashion piece and a must-have so I would loooove a ridiculous collection of every possible faux-leather jacket I could possibly own, like yassssss. 

What is a staple in your closet?

Outfit Deets can be found below. :D 

Faux-leather jacket: BLANKNYC (also available at NordstromLulusRevolve & several other online store)
Maxi dress: Zara (sold out and I couldn't find something similar)
Distressed shorts: Levi's 501 Shorts
Sock-boots: Public Desire (sold out)

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  1. How funny we just got that jacket in at work yesterday. Such a pretty jacket and looks so good on you!

    1. Thank you so much! This jacket will forever be a fave. :)