Adventure at Sea

12:00 PM

Photographer: Joshua Joel Munoz

Hey everyone, I am back from a week long vacation on a Carnival Cruise. I needed a break from everything to just feel renewed and refreshed. Everyone should always make time for some downtime and relaxation. Stress is not fun, so I encourage you to take some time to take care of yourself and well-being. :) Travel and food is great for the wondering soul!

These photos were taken at Key West which was the first stop on the cruise. There was not much of a beach here since the land is mostly covered in buildings and homes. The area in these photos was literally not even a mile long and in order to get to this wall, I had to walk through a sand mound while I was bombarded by waves. I almost lost my footing. Also, there was slimy algae all over the floor seen in the photos and let me tell you, it felt disgusting. I cleaned my feet very thoroughly when I was back on the boat, haha. 

Alas, I originally wanted to visit the Fort East Martello Museum to see the haunted Robert the Doll which the movie Annabelle is based off. My original plans did not work out but I googled for another option and I had not realized that the Ernest Hemingway house was at Key West. I adore Ernest Hemingway's short stories and novels so I had to go see it. It was really enjoyable and the tour guide was very knowledgeable about Hemingway's life. Oddly, there were a whole lot of cats on the property and even laying down on the beds. The house also had a pool which was decorated with these small elephant statues. I thought it was beautiful and elephants are wonderful animals, one of my faves. 

Anyway, I had a great experience within the limited time I had but I will definitely come back for Robert because I am just fascinated by ghosts and hauntings, haha. I love horror films. Have a great month of November guys! 

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