Satin + Lace

9:14 AM

Hey ya'll, Halloween is coming quickly upon us and I do not have a costume! I guess I can just reuse the one I bought last year and no one will know I wore it again (except you so shh) because I will be on a cruise come Halloween day. Luckily, they are having a costume contest so it should be fun and I love to dress up. :D

So in the spirit of old Hallow's Eve I decided to wear black and orange of course. The satin orange top and the black lace underneath is great with the faux leather pants I wore. I adore the look of satin mixed in with a little bit of lace for a sort peek-a-boo effect. Sexy isn't it? Haha, I want to invest in a new pair of faux leather pants since these technically do not fit me properly, though you cannot tell in the photos. Also, I decided on pairing the all black and orange ensemble with a denim jacket just to add more texture and a different color to the outfit. Pizzaz! Add some heels and the outfit is complete.

I hope you all have a great week

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  1. Satin and lace are two of may favourite materials and paired together they look great!

    1. They are some of my favorite materials as well! :)