Fall Look || Modern Renaissance

4:36 PM

Just some fun with makeup using Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette and Kylie Cosmetics Leo Lip Kit. I adore this eyeshadow palette immensely and I do not think there will be another one to kick this one out of my number one spot, haha. I mean it could be too soon to say considering I do not know what releases the future holds and I do not own all the palettes available ever. Omg, that would be a bit ridiculous don't you think? Well anyways, the pigmentation is fabulous and the warm color scheme with the pinks and reds are my perfect combo. You just need to tap your brush in the shadow lightly and you get complete color payoff on the eyes. Just beautiful. Anastasia is by far from of my favorite brands to purchase from and I also enjoy using their Dipbrow. 

As for the liquid lipstick, this is my first time trying Kylie's lip kits and I bought it only because of the free shipping promotion she had going for one day, haha. I am sure she got a lot of people with that sales promotion. ;) The liquid lipstick is not bad though it can be a bit more drying than other brands I have tried but the drying does not bother me at all. Another thing about this color is that it is patchy and layering with the lip pencil can help this but I am not a big fan of using lip liners. I wish the colors that catch my eye more, such as Leo, would be available in singles like her Dolce K or Candy K. It is not extremely so and I do still enjoy this color. Deep burgundy lips have always been a fave of mine. 

Fall is here and I would say this is a year-round look for me. Gorgeous color combination, especially for a night out. I hope you all enjoy your week!

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