My Favorite Taco Place || Gringos Locos

6:02 PM

Tacos! Boy do I love them and if you want great tacos or burritos, Gringos Locos is a great choice in my opinion. They have several locations but the one closest to me is in the Milk District where you can find a T.G. Lee milk plant, haha. There are also several small bars if you want a drink over the week or weekend. Whatever your preference may be but they also have a bar where you can bring your dogs! :)) Do not fear though, it is a non-smoking bar so you and your furry little friends will be able to breathe air that does not make you feel suffocated. 

Back to the food. I constantly crave a taco and Taco Bell is just not cutting it for me guys. Gringos has fish, beef, or chicken to choose from along with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pico, and other toppings. One of the best taco places along with another place I fancy which has more unique flavors but I'll post about that one another day. 

To my favorite burrito the Mouthhugger and may you have a great week!

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