A Day in Winter Park

5:40 PM

Photographer: Joshua Joel Muñoz

Ah, another very hot day in Florida and perfect for a refreshing smoothie which I did partake in during my outing in Winter Park. Dressed comfy to walk around, I decided to walk down Park Avenue to all the little shops, cafes, and restaurants. I have eaten in the area on several occasions, and the food is quite good, but I never actually walked around the whole of Park Ave. I never noticed the little hidden shops that are not found immediately because it requires you to walk away from the main road.  

The restaurant Briar Patch is in this part of Winter Park and I cannot wait to eat there again. They just make the most perfect, fluffy, and moist pancakes ever! So goooood. Also, I found a cute little tea and spice shop called The Spice and Tea Exchange. Not only can you smell the different spices and teas throughout the store but the people who work there are so helpful which I find to be a plus. :) I fell in love with a chai tea and I plan on picking up some of the loose leaf tea to put it to the taste test. 

Enjoy your day loves!

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