NYX Cosmetics || Mini Haul

7:57 PM

Hello everybody, these are just a couple of goodies I bought while browsing the NYX Cosmetics website. Yay! I love trying new products and I have tried out the majority of these items with the exception of the ombre blush. Which I cannot wait to try because it looks so lovely and it is in the shade Nude to Me. 

As for the other items, I have been enjoying the NYX Color Correcting Cream. I bought it in the green, light to medium shade which is for redness. I like a lighter coverage for my foundation on a day to day basis and this just helps even my skintone while correcting any redness I may have on my cheeks so this one is a win. Also, the HD Blush in Taupe blends wonderfully and I bought it as a contour powder though it may be a bit too ashy for my yellow undertones. I will continue to use it nonetheless, it is a great powder blush. 

The HD concealer is nice but it does not seem to have much coverage which when it comes to concealers I prefer them to have more coverage in order to cover the discoloration from dark circles. I love the Wonder Pencil for opening and brightening up the eyes. It also stays very well in my waterline which is a plus and the Angel Veil primer has a nice silky texture so it glides on the skin great but I do not know how much of a difference it makes for my makeup application. I will have to try it for longer to see how I like it for sure,

Lastly, as much as I wanted to love the NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks, I do not. This is not to say they are horrible, I still like these lippies but out of all the liquid lipsticks I have tried these are by far the most drying on my lips. Although all liquid lipsticks can tend to be drying, these Lingerie ones just are not my favorite. I much prefer NYX's Liquid Suede lippies which I simply adore and they added more shades which I cannot wait to buy! See you guys in the next post. 


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