Adventures in Chattanooga

7:20 PM

Photographer: Joshua Joel  Muñoz

SO, I will apologize for the photo overload in advance. :D These are from my day trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee to see Ruby Falls and Rock City! The overall trip is in Nahsville, Tennessee but I may do a separate post. The photos above are from the mountain top where you can look to across the horizon over 7 different states which is awesome. The views up there were beautiful and I love the mountains in this area. I don't know if this was a part of the Smoky Mountains though it may be but don't quote me on that guys. 

If you guys ever have the chance to travel I would highly recommend it. I love going to different destinations and exploring what different places have to offer. I hope to add a photo of Ruby Falls so you view its beauty. The waterfall is under the mountain within subterraneous caverns and the walk through the passages within the mountain were also enjoyable. I took plenty of photos throughout so if I ever get around to editing them I will add to this post. I hope you all enjoy your day wherever you may be at the moment! Have fun and plenty of laughter. 

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