Lush Haul

4:13 PM

Hello everyone! In order to have more content on my blog I have decided to post on other subjects that enjoy such as makeup or skincare and not just fashion photos.

The following is a list of the items I have purchased along with information I collected off of :)
  • Mask of Magnaminty: Which is supposed to be a deep cleansing mask containing china clay and peppermint (and I love mint) among other ingredients such as aduki beans and vanilla absolute. I have had the occasion to use this product once and I must say I am in love with the scent. It is sweet but not too overpowering and the aduki beans are great for gentle exfoliation. The only negative I have so far is that it left my skin feeling tight and dry though it looked more radiant in my opinion. 
  • Cynthia Sylvia Stout: This product as a vegan stout beer as one of its main ingredients and this shampoo is supposedly great for curly hair which is one of the reasons I decided to pick it up, that and the fact that I adore the name. It is suppose to help with frizz and give hair a lustrous shine which I cannot attest to just yet since I have only used this product once thus far. I will keep you guys updated.
  • Rub Rub Rub: This product I have not tried so I have no first impression yet but I bought it for the scent and the sea salt component for exfoliation. It also contains illipe and cupuacu butters for moisturization along with jasmine, mimosa, and orange which create the beautiful scent. I love to exfoliate my skin, though not too much especially for sensitive skin because we do not want to rub our skin raw.
  • Butterball: The bath bombs are one of my favorite products to purchase from Lush and I bought this one specifically that it is meant to reinvigorate and hydrate the skin. The winter causes my skin to become drier so I enjoy products that can help combat my parched skin. The main ingredient is the Butterball is cocoa butter which is always great for the skin and smells wonderful.
  • Angels on Bare Skin: Lastly is this cleanser which I have used every night since its purchase and I not only love the scent it leaves behind but it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, soft, and smooth. Angels on Bare Skin contains kaolin clay with almond and lavender flowers to exfoliate the skin lightly. It is not rough on the skin by any means and so far I am loving it during these cold winter days to bring back moisture to my tightened, dry skin. I use it right before I shower and then massage a light moisturizer into my skin.
I am thinking of doing an update post in a month or so to share further thoughts on each of these products but we shall see what the future holds. I will be doing more haul/ review posts in the near future on my blog!

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