Pander Me Floral

8:36 AM

Photographer: Joshua Joel Muñoz

Boy is it hot in Florida! This past weekend I went to Sweetfields Farm and every year they have a sunflower field maze. Let me tell you, this maze actually took some work to get through with my boyfriend and I hitting a lot of dead ends. Despite the heat, plus the bunches of bees flying to and fro from sunflower to sunflower, the maze was a great experience and a lot of fun. Sunflowers are a favorite flower of mine. They just light up any place with their bright, golden faces. I got to take one home and I love seeing it in my room. Sunflowers are the bomb diggity ya'll. ;D

XoXo :)

Golden haze
Summer's face
Sweet, sweet breeze
They do sway

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  1. Super hot outfit!
    Have a stylish and wonderful week!

    xx The Girl in the Bunny Ears