Pink Flurry

9:12 AM

Photographer: Joshua Joel Muñoz

Coat: Brandy Melville
Crop Top: Maricela Marcel 
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Boots: H&M

Hi guys!

So I tried to do something different with my hair since I always have it down and crazy but my hair was not cooperating with me. The braids came out uneven and what not but who likes to be perfect? That's exhausting. I want to try to do more fall/wintery outfits but Florida just now started to cool down and who knows how long that will last! Anywho, I really love this outfit and I have been dying to wear this pink coat so I threw it on to add a soft touch of color. Buying winter clothes in Florida is pretty much pointless but I adore coats so much. *Sigh* I need to move up North a bit don't you think?

I hope everyone is having the time of their lives and if you're not I hope you begin. 

XoXo :) 

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