Tiny Unicorn

9:23 AM

Photographer: Joshua Joel  Muñoz

Hey ya'll, so today was breezy and cloudy. I love when it is windy outside. It's so refreshing but I do not enjoy the cloudy sky or at least not on days I plan on taking photos for the blog. *Sigh* Alas, it is always cloudy on the days I plan on taking photos. Luckily, the sun was kind enough to peek out of from behind the clouds every once in awhile and my photographer was able to get some great shots.

I decided to do another simple post and just threw on a simple outfit. A t-shirt and jeans is the way to go for simple and comfy. Oh, yes and I love what the shirt says which is "Trust me, I'm a unicorn." I adore unicorns and anything mythical or magical. I hope your day is sprinkled with rainbows and sunshine! See you in the next post.

XoXo :)

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  1. nice outfit, I really like the background of the photos :)


  2. Girl your hair is beyond words, LOVE!

    xx Cara