Papillon de l'eau

10:56 AM

Photographer: Joshua Joel Muñoz

One piece: Wildfox Couture

Hey beauts, on this day I had the most wonderful time with my boyfriend Joshua. Clearwater beach is beautiful. I like it because it was not too crowded and it looks cleaner and prettier than other beaches I have been too. I have been dying to wear this one piece bathing suit and I finally got the chance to this week. Wildfox's bathing suits are always so simple but I love that about them. I do not typically wear one pieces because I detest tan lines so strapless bikinis are great. Alas, I could not pass up buying this beauty. It fits like a dream and I am in love with the butterfly pattern and silhouette of the bathing suit. I just might buy more one pieces in my future. Au revoir mon amies!

XoXo :)

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