Blue Skies. Airy Light

1:29 PM

Photographer: Eric Russell

Flannel: Urban Outfitters
T-shirt Dress: Brandy Melville
Garters: American Apparel
Thigh Highs: American Apparel
Booties: N.Y.L.A.

Hey lovelies, I'm sorry that I have not been posting often and I'm definitely going to work on it. Anyways, I spotted this lake area while driving around lost with my friend. He swore he knew he was going but we circled around to this spot over and over again. I swear, it was so ridiculous, haha. I am so lucky that this day was so sunny! Every time I want to go out for pics the sky is a cloudy mess and the week before it rained all week. Hopefully there will be more sunny days than cloudy ones. The booties I'm wearing in this set of photos are now my fave pair and I own a lot of booties. Lets just say it's a little obsession of mine out of many of course. Oh! Another wonderful thing about this day was that it had a nice breeze throughout the day. Perfect whether I tell you but not perfect for this outfit. The wind wanted to lift my dress up and show my goodies to world. LOL. Have a fantabulous day!

XoXo :)

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