Maroon in the Gray

12:44 PM

Photographer: Eric Russell

Beanie: Pacsun
Dress: Missguided
Knee High Socks: American Apparel
Shoes: Cotton On

Hello lovelies, I have been wanting to wear this cute little casual dress for ages but didn't know what to wear with it exactly. I bought this dress solely for the cute little knot at the midriff and the fact that it's gray. My closet needs more color but anyways, I always tend to wear stockings under my shorts, skirts, and dresses usually but just to add at least some color I decided to wear my knee high stockings and beanie. I love knee high stockings and any kind of hat really though fedoras are by far my favorite. After Eric and I left the park it began to rain so the sun wasn't out to begin with which was a bummer. The sky was gray and overcast with clouds but it's never a bad day for pictures I always say (not really). I think it would actually be cool to take pictures in the rain and I will, without a doubt, get sick. I wouldn't mind though because dancing in the rain is always a grand ol' time! I'll leave that for another day and maybe it will be a future blog post. I hope you guys stay lovely and grand. 

XoXo :)

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